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Birth nameJuma Mussa Mkambala
Born (1989-09-01) 1 September 1989 (age 32)
Dar es Salaam,  Tanzania
OriginSingida Region
GenresBongo FlavaAfropopR&B
Occupation(s)Musician, singer, songwriter
Years active2015 –present

Juma Mussa Mkambala (born 1 September 1989), popularly known by his artist name Jux and sometimes referred to as 'African Boy', is a Tanzanian Artist and Songwriter.[1] Born in Dar es Salaam, his interest in music began at a young age, when at the age of 16 he began to rap. However it is his singing that he is best known for to date, and is considered one of Tanzania's highest paid artists.[2] In 2008 when Jux signed to Tanzanian record label A.M records, he began to record R&B songs instead. Since then he has released several hit songs, including 'Sugua' featuring Diamond Platnumz, 'Juu' featuring Vanessa Mdee, and most recently 'Regina' featuring Otile Brown. In 2018 his song 'Uzuri Wako' (translation: Your Goodness) was banned by the Tanzanian Communications Regulatory Authority, along with songs from several other artists, including Diamond Platnumz, for going against Tanzanian morals and values.[3]

In 2015, he received an award for 'Best R&B song' at Kili Music Awards, also known as the national Tanzania Music Awards. In 2017 he received an award for the Best East African Music Video at the Zanzibar International Film Festival (2017).[4] And in 2018 and 2019, he was nominated for 'Best Male East Africa' at the AFRIMMA awards. He also appeared performed on Coke Studio Africa in 2019. After numerous single releases, his first album titled 'The Love Album' was released in 2019, featuring tracks from several artists including Nigerian artist Singah and Diamond Platnumz.

Personal life[edit]

Jux's 6 - year relationship with fellow Tanzanian Artist Vanessa Mdee was widely publicised; during this time with they toured together across the region, and released several singles. In 2018 they embarked on the 'In Love with Money' tour, which remains to date one of the Tanzanian's biggest independent tours. The relationship however, came to an end in 2019 shortly after a Ilegations of infidelity began to circulate following the posting of pictures of Vanessa Mdee hugging the reowned American R&B artist Trey Songz.[5][6] Jux has since been linked to several socialites and his dating life remains a source of interest across East Africa[7]

Jux also has a deep interest in fashion, and established his own brand in 2018, for which he curates and designs. The brand widely available across East Africa, in part due to production deal he signed with Chinese deal in 2019.[8] He recently announced that he would be expanding his brand into Kenya over the course of the coming year[9]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2015[10] Tanzania Music Awards Best R&B Song Nitasubiri Won
Best Artist Jux Nominated
2017[11] Zanzibar International Film Festival Best East African Music Video Utaniua Won
2018[12][13] Tanzania Music Awards Best East African Artist Jux Nominated
2019[14] Tanzania Music Awards Best East African Artist Jux Nominated



Jux released his debut studio album 'The Love Album' in 2019, consisting of a total of 18 songs. To date the album has received more than 1.3 million streams on Boomplay, making it one of the most streamed East African R&B albums to date.[15] The album's lead single 'Sugua' was a hit, amassing more than 8.5 million views on YouTube. The album was distributed by Africori the largest digital music distribution company in Sub-Saharan Africa, a partner of Warner Music Group[16]

Year Title Album
2019 "Zaidi" The Love Album
"Wambela"(feat. Ruby)
"In Case You Don't Know"(feat. Nyashinski)
"Sugarcane"(feat. Gnako & Tommy Flavour)
"Sumaku"(feat. Vannessa Mdee)
"Sio Mbaya"
"Bado Yupo"
"Sugua"(feat. Diamond Platnumz)
"Fashion Killer"(feat. Singah)
"Now You Know"(feat. Q-Chief)
"Tell Me"(feat. Joh Makini)

Singles and collaborations[edit]

Year Title
2015 "Nitasubiri'"
"Nikuite Nani"
"Looking for You" (feat. Joh Makini)
"One More Night"
"Jux Sisikii"
2016 "Wivu"
"Juu"- Vanessa Mdee (feat. Jux)
2017 "Utaniua"
2018 "Fimbo"
"Tell Me " (feat. Joh Makini)
"Hatufanani"- Shetta (feat. Jux)
2019 "Covid 19" (feat. Maua Sama)
"Leo"- Darassa (feat. Jux)
"Juju"- Darassa (feat. Jux)
2018 "Regina"- Otile Brown (feat. Jux)


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